Types of Horsebox Finance

Hire Purchase

This is our most common form of finance package – this is where a minimum of 20% deposit is placed (the VAT) and the remainder of the value is spread over the finance term. Each monthly payment is fixed from the start, and at the end of the agreement you own the vehicle outright. This funding option which can be taken up to 10 years.

A balloon option of up to 60% is also available. Balloons are based on the future residual value of the horsebox, it adds flexibilty to the deal whereby you can upgrade your vehicle sooner than you were previously able to.

Business users can also claim 100% of interest offset again taxable profits and claim down yearly write-down allowances against the vehicle. As well as claiming back the VAT deposit.

Finance Lease

The lease option is very similar to a hire purchase, with only two differences: 1 – the VAT does not need to be placed as deposit – so as little as 5% can be put down. 2 – at the end of the contract a title transfer payment must be made (typically charged at the fixed monthly rental).

This is more flexible and VAT/Tax efficient, as each lease cost can be offset again pre tax profits, thus saving cira 20% per year for business users. With the only difference being the VAT is spread across the term, rather than paid upfront. Thereby aiding cash flow.

Terms can be arranged up to 10 years with minimal deposit, and balloons of up to 60%.

What are the benefits of Horsebox Finance?


Our funding options cater to all needs and circumstances. Whether you are a business or consumer, a suitable term can be found for yourself.


Provides a regular payment plan that minimises impact on cash flow.

Tax Benefits

For business users each payment is tax deductible, and the VAT can be claimed back.

Add value

Buying a horsebox outright is a large investment, having the ability to spread the cost brings a number of benefits including having the ability to upgrade to a better standard of vehicle sooner than you might have been able to.

Balloon options

A balloon payment is simply a pre-arranged payment at the end of the finance term which is used to bring down the monthly payment, simply where less is being financed. This is based on the future residual value of the horsebox, so will depend on age, mileage, condition etc. Balloons of 60% are achievable for the right horsebox.